What is REIGuard?

REIGuard is a brand for the residential real estate insurance Program offered by National Real Estate Insurance Group, serviced by Affinity Group Management.

What type of agency is National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG)?

NREIG is an independent insurance agency, licensed in all 50 states. We focus on the unique insurance needs of the residential real estate investment industry.

What makes REIGuard different from a more traditional approach to insurance?

Through REIGuard, we administer coverage on a monthly basis and provide coverage for the length of time you need it. We insure in all 50 states and in all phases of occupancy; Tenant Occupied, Vacant, or locations under Renovation. For bookkeeping simplification, we can also put all of your “inventory” on one schedule (called a monthly reporting form).

What is a Monthly Reporting Form?

A monthly reporting form is an insurance methodology which allows “inventory” flexibility in regards to insurance coverage. This allows our Program to change coverages month-to-month. Such changes could relate to occupancy, values, as well as adding and deleting locations as necessary. Participants receive a monthly invoice which reflects the current month’s inventory and related coverages via their Client Service Representative. This is a much simpler process than the traditional “endorsement per change” that is utilized by most insurance providers.

Who are the Insurance Carriers for your Program?

All Insurers we utilize are A.M. Best “A” or better rated. Carriers we use or have used are:

  • Acceptance Indemnity
  • Allianz
  • Lloyd’s of London
  • Ironshore and others
Can National Real Estate Insurance Group help me with other types of insurance?

Yes! We have a full-service commercial department, which can assist you with insurance needs related to apartment complexes, mixed-use commercial buildings, strip malls, umbrellas and more. However, we do not currently offer personal lines insurance, but as a service we are happy to review any type of insurance to ensure that you are adequately covered.

Who is Affinity Group Management (AGM)?

AGM is the company contracted to provide administrative support to REIGuard. They strive to deliver superior client support and services, client inventory control and efficient billing systems to residential real estate investors across the United States.

Who is Affinity Loss Prevention Services (ALPS)?

ALPS is committed to helping real estate investors prevent avoidable losses. These losses can result in dollars out of the investor’s pocket or costly claims payments. ALPS’ mission is accomplished through research and the development of educational programs. As a client of NREIG/AGM, you may receive e-mails on loss prevention topics relevant to the current or upcoming season. Following the tips contained in these e-mails will help you make informed decisions and take positive steps in risk avoidance and mitigation. Visit ALPS online at

Who is Affinity Loss Management Services (ALMS)?

ALMS is an affiliate company of REIGuard and is here to help you gather information and provide advice and assistance in the claims process. ALMS does not determine coverage, adjudicate, pay or deny claims. Claims are administered by McClarens Global or the carrier, depending on the insurer for the specific property.

What should I do if an incident occurs?
  • Contact the appropriate authorities immediately if applicable
  • Contact ALMS at 913-262-1624 or fill out the following link: Report an Incident
  • Take steps to protect the property from further damage
  • Document damages via photos and videos if possible
  • Keep a record of all expenses necessary to protect property and provide receipts
  • Allow claims adjuster to inspect the property providing the loss or damage
Who is Affinity Enterprise Group (AEG)?

AEG is a constellation of companies brought together under one brand to empower and support entrepreneurs and professionals primarily focused in the residential real estate industry. For the list of companies and to see how you can benefit, go to:


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Electronic Check (ACH), Wire Transfer and PayPal.

How do I submit payment information?
For your convenience, you will be signed up for Direct Debit. Your payment due will be automatically drafted from the specified account on your chosen draft date. To submit payment information or change payment details make a payment
When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive invoices, via email, on the 11th of each month. Review your statement every month and report changes to us via the following link: Report Changes.

What if I make changes to my inventory after payment is posted?

The 3rd is the last available day to make changes to the prior month’s inventory. If changes are made after payment is posted for that month, the balance will be carried over to the next month.

What if I don’t make a payment by the due date?

On the 10th of each month, 10 day cancellation notice will be sent out to you and any applicable lenders. If payment isn’t received by the 20th, your policy will be canceled.

Tenant Protection Plan™

What coverages are included within the Tenant Protection Plan (TPP)?

Coverage is provided for your tenant’s contents up to $10,000. Basic Form perils apply.
Premises Liability up to $50,000 per occurrence.

Is there a deductible?

Yes, your tenant will be responsible for the $1000 deductible.

Is the Tenant Protector Plan (TPP) invoiced with my current costs or separately?

If elected, TPP is invoiced monthly with your current costs

Can I pick and choose which locations carry this coverage?

No, if elected, all active occupied locations would carry the coverage.

How many units can my location have if I want to purchase TPP?

This coverage is available on locations with up to 4 units.

Is the TPP the same as Renter’s Insurance that I require my tenant to purchase?

Though the TPP provides some minimal benefits to the tenant and the owner, it is not technically “renters insurance”, and would not be necessary if your tenant actually has their own coverage. However, the benefit of the TPP is to alleviate the need to verify and track this.

Will I get separate documentation for this coverage?
Yes, a separate Evidence of Insurance will be provided for this coverage.

Investor Protector Plan®

What types of damages are covered under this program?
Coverage is provided on a Named Peril basis, for damage caused as a result of tenant negligence. The five perils covered are:
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Water Discharge
  • Resident-induced sewer or drain back up
Do I have a separate deductible for this coverage?

This coverage has no deductible for which you are responsible.

Who handles claims made on this coverage?

All program claims are adjusted by McLarens Global Claims Services and administered by Affinity Claims Management.

What is a non-negligent tenant?

A tenant who is not responsible for causing the damage.

What if I already have Loss of Rents coverage on a location?

If this is the case, the IPP coverage will not provide benefits over and above your current coverage.

It may be important to keep your existing Loss of Rents in the case the damage is not caused by a negligent tenant.

Is the IPP the same as Renters Insurance that I require my tenant to purchase?

No this would not be necessary if your tenant carries Renters Insurance and you can verify it is active.

Does the IPP cover any of my tenants’ belongings?

In a multi-family location, if your non-negligent tenant’s belongings suffer damage from a loss to an adjacent unit (i.e., smoke damage from a fire), this coverage will provide a payment of up to $2,500 to indemnify your tenant.

Will I get separate documentation for this coverage?

No, confirmation of this coverage will be included on your monthly invoice.

A copy of the policy and declarations page is available to you upon request. Please contact your Client Service Representative.

Can I pick and choose which locations carry this coverage?

No, if elected, all active occupied locations would carry the coverage.

How do I get a proposal for this coverage?

A proposal can be initiated by submitting your information here.